Volunteering on Food Drive Day

Thank-you for your interest in volunteering with the Welland Food Drive!

Packing and Sorting

If you are interested in participating we need people to help unpack and sort the food on the day of the Food Drive. Please go to Club Richelieu on River Road at 9:00 am. Find your way to the Main Hall where you will be assigned to one of the three charities. You will be asked to unpack food, sort the food or break down the boxes. The charity leader you are assigned to will instruct you.

Route Coverage

At this time all Welland city routes are covered by canvassing teams. There are no available routes to assign. Some of these teams have been helping out for the last 25 years. To all who have helped, we thank you for your commitment.

If you have any additional questions please e-mail our Volunteer Co-ordinator CrystalSmalldon@gmail.com